We aim to help you connect with your customers faster and better

Here’s how CoffeeChat will benefit you

Score with our platform as we provide your business an operational edge
and improve engagement with your customers.

Augment food traffic to your store

  • Keep your coffee shop busy with our coffee-chat users.

Gain brand awareness

  • Join our digital cafe marketplace.
  • Shops are recommended and tailored to coffee-chat users preferences.

Engage with your customers

  • Receive feedback.
  • Attract customers with promotions.
  • Share your cafe offerings and services.

Host group networking events

  • If you are up for it, you can host group netwroking events
    for enterprises and instituitions or smaller groups to
    boost sales

Smarter Operational Strategies

  • Real-time monitoring of venue performance.
  • Notified of expected walk-ins into the store.
  • Gained marketplace analytics. See how your venue is performing within the marketplace.

Hassle-free and easy to sign up

  • If you are up for it, you can host group networking events
    for enterprises and institutions or smaller groups to
    boost sales.